Maximize Revenue

Adopt a thoughtful and systematic approach to fundraising and marketing.

Maximizing revenue requires maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Like most, you probably feel that you’re already operating at maximum efficiency and are seeking to improve your effectiveness.

Many of our clients have improved efficiency beyond what they thought possible by adopting a more thoughtful and systematic approach for their fundraising and marketing.

Those who do also realize improved effectiveness that results in greater impact, reach, and revenue.

Work with OrangeGerbera to design and develop a more thoughtful and systematic approach to your work.

We work with you to customize a process to your staff and operation that works within your budget, skills, and timeline.

Learn more about OrangeGerbera’s approach to organizational productivity, The SLOWER Framework™.

Benefits Include

Actual Client Results for an OrangeGerbera client

Actual 5-Year Fundraising Results for OrangeGerbera Client

  • Improved revenue (earned and contributed)
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Improved staff morale
  • Improved donor retention
  • Improved time management, workflow and collaboration
  • Improved visibility and reporting

What Others Are Saying:

“The top three things our system has addressed for me:

  1. Managing workflow: being able to see conflicting campaigns and anticipate both heavy traffic for our constituents and heavy workload moments in advance and strategize about how to respond. Getting rid of the ‘impending doom’ feeling of knowing you have more work than you can get done.
  2. Expectation setting (up and down): confirming macro priorities with organization leaders and letting that dictate the work we focus on, being able to clearly articulate priorities and goals (GOALS!) for staff, connected to top-level organization priorities and goals, communicating with organization leaders and staff about workflow issues and what we can reasonably accomplish.
  3. Gaining perspective on the macro priorities and finally getting out of the weeds: recognizing macro organizational goals that were not being addressed in our daily work and gaining the discipline to address those macro goals/priorities before we begin executing tactics.”
Louise McKayDirector of External RelationsHedgebrook

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