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Image featuring OrangeGerbera Strategic ProcessThe four stages of a comprehensive strategic process are discovery, strategy, execution and analysis.

Each stage feeds into the next, with the whole series eventually nourishing subsequent strategic series as a continuous cycle that evolves over time.

While most businesses engage in some form of day-to-day practical strategic thought or activity, relatively few ever conduct a structured strategic planning process.

Those who do rarely proceed through all four stages and ultimately find themselves lost en route to realizing their vision.

Even if you do have a plan in place, experience tells us that most nonprofits lose their way in the execution stage, assuming their team will automatically alter course, change old habits, and start working against the plan.

The truth is, change is difficult to achieve, and successfully realizing your strategy requires careful attention to all four stages.

Our job at OrangeGerbera is to adapt the entire strategic process to your staff and operation and to see your organization through successful and productive execution.

At OrangeGerbera our goal is to make your life easier and help you accomplish your goals.

We Work With You to:

  • Conduct an appropriate level of discovery and assessment
  • Create a succinct working strategic plan
  • Build a practical adoption, measurement and maintenance program
  • Guide the annual review process and plan revisions, as needed

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