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Does Your Team Need Help?

  • Image of frazzled woman at workWould you like more visibility into your team’s workload and progress?
  • Do you approach your work as a random series of one-off tactics?
  • Is your team overwhelmed and always playing catch-up?
  • Are collaboration and strategy missing from your work routine?
  • Do you spend more time fixing mistakes than seems reasonable?
  • Do you wish your team could be more calm and confident?

The SLOWER Framework™ is an organizational productivity solution that individuals, teams, and whole organizations use to address these challenges and adopt a more thoughtful and systematic approach to their work.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at Wednesday, January 28, 2015Based on a combination of familiar tools such as shared calendaring, interactive planning and collaboration, and customized workflows,
the SLOWER Framework allows organizations to:

  • Break the habit of doing business as a random series of one-off tactics
  • Gain visibility into their work, and better plan for unknowns
  • Maintain momentum and build institutional knowledge, even in the face of staff turnover
  • Begin identifying what works and what doesn’t–and do things differently
  • Spend less time in meetings, wading through email, fixing silly mistakes, and playing catch-up

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