Optimize Leadership

Increase organizational effectiveness and confidently manage transition.

Centralized leadership is doomed!

Leadership is best accomplished when individuals take personal accountability for their role in achieving the mission.

This often requires a cultural shift and is easiest when people love what they do, enjoy who they do it with, believe in their work, and feel empowered.

We work with you to achieve this shift and fine-tune performance through training, coaching and process improvement.

Building strong teams and instilling a culture of leadership are not finite activities, of which we’re often reminded during periods of transition. Despite your best efforts, there will be rough patches, people will leave, and times will get tough.

A common point of introduction for OrangeGerbera is when the going gets rough. And we’re good with that because it’s at times of chaos that we’re at our bestand frankly, when you’re best positioned to take advantage of disruption and grow.

Transition, disruption and growth demand increased time and attention. That’s why we roll up our sleeves, become active members of your team, carry workload, and help guide successful transitions.


  • Understand your needs and circumstances
  • Set medium- and long-term goals to focus your efforts
  • Measure and adjust your approach to maintain momentum and to stay on course
  • Achieve self-sufficiency so that long-term consultant services are unnecessary


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