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What Impact will Artificial Intelligence Have on Nonprofit Fundraisers?

Over the past half-century or so, interest in artificial intelligence has ebbed and flowed with periods of growth and dormancy. Some refer to these periods as summers and winters. With each summer has come increased investment and research in artificial intelligence. Along with these have come promises of a work-free utopia fueled by robot servants […]

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OrangeGerbera is a fundraising, marketing and organizational development agency specializing in helping nonprofit businesses plot a strategic course, improve organizational effectiveness and benefit from a thoughtful and systematic approach to accomplishing goals.

OrangeGerbera… Helping grow better nonprofits.™

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What others say about us

Lisa M. Stone

“I got the highest level of professionalism, extraordinary skill and talent, superior mentoring, and a fabulous rate of return on our solicitations. There aren’t words to express how helpful we found OrangeGerbera.”

Lisa M. StoneExecutive DirectorLegal Voice
Karen Toering

“In the new economy, relationships will be the collateral in which we place our trust. OrangeGerbera brings the power of relationships to the table. I trust that.”

Karen ToeringProject ManagerSocial Justice Fund
Vivian Phillips

“Successful fundraising is always about successful relationships. Givers want to be assured that their gifts will be well used, and recipients want the best possible results for their limited resources. Working with OrangeGerbera brings both of these vital elements into perfect balance.”

Vivian PhillipsDirector of Marketing & CommunicationsSeattle Theatre Group
Stacie Burgua

“We needed senior-level development leadership from someone with the experience to see us through a sizable capital campaign. We found OrangeGerbera through a trusted friend of the theatre and couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with them.”

Stacie BurguaExecutive Director, Whidbey Island Center for the ArtsWICA